Commercial Air Conditioning in Walnut Creek

If you work in Walnut Creek or the surrounding areas, you know how important it is to have a working air conditioner in the office. Having a working AC unit ensures that your company or tenants are always comfortable, even during the record-breaking temperatures of summer. That comfort will foster a contagious blend of productivity and positivity. If there are contagions swirling around your office, you’d rather those over the harmful allergens that can gather in a poorly maintained AC unit, wouldn’t you?

Has your building’s air conditioning system been acting up? Well, other than the obligation to keep your tenants or employees happy and healthy, the Occupational Health and Safety Act as of 2004 says that any employer or person who ‘manages the controls’ has a duty to provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.

As an employer, it is your duty to monitor air conditioners at the workplace. If you haven’t done your part lately, we understand. There are is only so much time in the day. Certain obligations fall to the wayside, things get forgotten, and so on. Not only that, but you probably don’t even know how to inspect your unit. You might not even know what an air conditioner coil is.

After all, why should you? You’re not a licensed and skilled technician. However, there is one very helpful thing you can do for your air conditioner. What’s that, you ask? You can call us for regular AC maintenance, or any time you suspect your air conditioner isn’t working as it should.


1. Liquid Around the Unit: You might not be able to see if your air conditioner is leaking, but you might be able to spot puddles, small pools of water mysterious messes around your AC unit. If you see any liquid around your unit, be sure to give Inc a call. Your air conditioner could have a cracked pipe. It might even be a refrigerant leak.

2. No Airflow From Unit: If you cannot feel air coming from your AC’s registers despite the fact that it is powered and active, then you know you need to give us a call. There could be debris and dust build-up in your system, or your air conditioner’s air compressor might have failed.

3. Thermostat Not Functioning Properly: If your thermostat does not seem to have proper control of your air conditioner, call the professional HVAC team at Inc today.

4. Bad Smells: Are you able to smell a foul odor? There could be mold growing in the ductwork of your air conditioner. It might also mean that the wire padding in your vents has burnt out.


Is your air conditioner in working order? Do you need an air conditioner repair service on-site immediately? If so, why not give Inc a call? We’re Walnut Creek’s most-trusted commercial HVAC service. We specialize in air duct cleaning, commercial air conditioner maintenance, commercial heating, and more!