Heat Pump in Elk Grove

Airteks.com Inc are well-known leaders in heat pump innovation, maintenance, and repair in Elk Grove. We put you first, delivering affordable solutions that take your comfort seriously and won’t break your budget. Trouble with heat pumps can arise at any time and when it does, it’s important to work with a company who is prepared to respond to your needs at any time of day.

Our 24-hour emergency service is designed to put you at ease and restore function to all heat pump types, components, and brands. We’ll give you a low-cost quote that doesn’t contain any hidden charges or surprises and send the closest available team to your location right away.

We carry in-stock replacement parts for every type of heat pump on the market today including:

  • Liquid to air heat pumps
  • Liquid to water heat pumps
  • Liquid to air and water heat pumps
  • Horizontal heat pumps
  • Split system heat pumps

What Can a Heat Pump System Do for Your Business?

If you’ve been exploring options to cut your commercial or industrial heating costs, a heat pump system could be the long-term solution that brings comfort and prosperity to your business. Here are some of the top benefits companies like yours are enjoying today:

  • Significantly reduced monthly energy bills
  • Less environmental impact
  • High safety ratings compared to combustion units like a gas/oil furnace
  • Less frequently required maintenance, repairs, and replacements
  • Precision settings
  • Humidity control
  • Air filtration and particle removal including mold, mildew and pollutants
  • Air conditioning and heating on demand

Heat Pump Installation

Be 100% confident your heat pump installation will go off without a hitch. We listen to you and communicate with you throughout the entire process to ensure your complete satisfaction. During the selection stage, we’ll work with your unique spatial and air flow requirements to make sure you are getting a system that will match your expectations.

Heat Pump Replacement to Match Growing Business Demands

Even well-maintained machinery wears out when it reaches the end of its manufacturers lifetime. If this is the case, there are many highly efficient heat pump replacement options available to suit your needs.

Quality Replacement Parts for a Commercial Heating Pump

A little preventive maintenance goes a long way when it comes to extending the life of your heating pump. Here are some warning signals that will tell you when it’s time get in touch with Elk Grove’s reputable heating pump team:

  • Air handler problems
  • Cold air is replacing the desired warm temperature
  • Motor malfunctions
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Units is cycling on or running constantly
  • Winter ice build up
  • Worn-out bearings

Investing in a new heat pump may be a more cost-effective, permanent solution to problems you’ve been experiencing. We’ll help you explore your options and make sure you are getting a resolution that contributes to your long-term prosperity.

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to request a free estimate, or to book an appointment with Elk Grove’s top-recommend heat pump pros.