Pelican Wireless Systems in Livermore

In this day and age, we know the importance of saving energy. Whether you are motivated by environmental or economic priorities, optimizing energy efficiency in your home or business is of the utmost importance.

The team of experts at Inc has been proudly serving the community of Livermore for many years. We are an HVAC company that completes installations and repairs. However, one of the most essential services we offer is the sale and installation of Pelican Wireless Systems.

Pelican Wireless Systems allow you full control over your thermostat. Being able to adjust the heating and cooling in your home accurately puts the efficiency of your systems at your fingertips.

If you are interested in learning more about Pelican Wireless Systems, or to find out what product is best for your home, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at (925) 292-0148 today.


Discover Pelican Wireless Innovations

If you spontaneously decide to spend the weekend away from home, you don't want to waste money and energy pumping warm air into an empty space. If the temperature has risen outside and you want to come home to a fresh, cool house, what could be better than controlling your air conditioning from a distance? Pelican Wireless Systems give you the power to control your thermostat from your computer, phone, or tablet.

A Pelican Wireless System gives you complete control over the heating and cooling of your residential or commercial space, so you never have to worry about wasting energy. This innovative system will allow you full access to the HVAC systems in your home, and their information, and will enable you to manage these systems like never before.

Furthermore, the system is streamlined and extremely user-friendly.

Consistent Comfort for Your Home or Business Space

Traditionally, thermostats are installed in every room of the property and control only the unique temperature of that space. With a compartmentalized system, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your property.

With a Pelican Wireless System, you can ensure that every room in your home or office is kept at a comfortable temperature. Not every room is equipped with the same insulation as the next. If one room is drafty, your Pelican device will provide that space with the energy it needs without overheating the other areas. That's right! The thermostats actually communicate with each other to ensure consistent and optimal comfort for each and every space.

Invaluable Innovation at an Unparalleled Price Inc is very proud to be able to offer the industry's leading wireless thermostat systems at very competitive prices. When you get in touch with us, we will get an idea of the size of your residential or commercial space and give you an estimate for the total cost of the installation. You can trust this estimate to be accurate.

Save your time, money, effort, and precious energy resources when you invest in a Pelican Wireless System with Inc today. We are very proud to serve the Livermore community and are more than happy to answer your questions at any time, so give us a call.

Pelican Wireless Systems in Livermore

More and more Livermore home and business owners are concerned with finding innovative new ways to measure their energy usage and then find ways to save it. Whether motivated by environmental or economic concerns, the initiative these home and business owners have shown benefits us all. If you, too, want to increase your home or business’s energy efficiency, it starts with contacting Inc. Inc. is a full-service heating and air conditioning company with factory certified technicians dedicated to servicing all your HVAC needs. We have been proud to serve the Livermore area for many years with the latest industry techniques to help reduce energy use and the cost of monthly heating bills. One of the ways we have stayed ahead of the competition is by offering a wireless HVAC energy management system.

If you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs and make your residential or commercial building more energy-efficient, call (925) 292-0148 today and ask about what a Pelican Wireless System can do for you.

Pelican Wireless Systems use the latest technology to deliver an intelligent wireless HVAC energy management system, which allows you to achieve significant, measurable energy savings and increase the satisfaction of occupants through intuitive cloud-based management and reporting. When a member of our highly experienced team installs a Pelican Wireless System in your Livermore home or business, you will save a considerable amount of costs on your energy bill—as much as 35%!

For more information on these amazing HVAC management tools, give us a call today.


Pelican Wireless Systems use the latest technology to deliver an intelligent wireless HVAC energy management solution enabling you to achieve significant, measurable energy savings. Basically, when one of these systems is installed in your Livermore home or business, you can communicate wirelessly with your thermostat through your smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

There is no extra equipment or software to install for customers to access their HVAC’s information. All you need to do is get in touch with and we will replace your home or business’s existing thermostat with our wireless thermostats, add our intuitive wireless gateway and you’ll be able to manage your energy consumption like never before.

You will be able to do real-time monitoring of HVAC equipment operations, and you will receive notifications if an equipment issue is detected and more.

When you choose to outfit your home or business with a new Pelican Wireless System, you can expect to save up to 35 percent on energy every month. Plus, we have so much experience installing these systems that we can easily do a retrofit installation.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you will wonder how you ever got by without a Pelican Wireless System in the past.


If you’re a small-to-medium-sized business owner, you know how difficult it can be to juggle so many competing priorities. Month after month, you and your team are in charge of hitting quarterly earnings targets, hiring, keeping quality, and training standards high. It’s a wonder sometimes that the energy bills get paid!

But they do, month after month, and as anyone in an office knows, they can take a significant bite out of your profit margin. But what if we at Inc were to tell you it was possible to both increase comfort in your commercial building and reduce your overall HVAC costs season after season? When you invest in Pelican wireless systems installed by a qualified HVAC system contractor, you gain total thermostat control over every room in your commercial building.

Pelican HVAC solutions contain total performance designs built to take the operation of your commercial building into the 21st century. With a smart wireless Pelican thermostat and economizer in your commercial building, every aspect of your business—from heat, to humidity, or even CO2—are under your control minute to minute.


The traditional way to heat or cool a commercial building in Livermore is a blunt force approach: by installing multiple thermostats in each room and trying to keep the entire office or building a consistent temperature. But traditional thermostats only measure the ambient temperature around the device, which means that if a particular room is drafty or isn’t well-insulated, you place extra strain on your HVAC system as it tries to compensate for the difference.

Pelican wireless systems require no additional setup and every thermostat actually communicates wirelessly with one another. When you combine that with a Pelican economizer, you have thermostat control that is precise and powerful. Suddenly you can see that, in February, your office break room is colder than the main room. Instead of increasing the heat in the entire office, your Pelican thermostat only heats the room in question. That’s a smart way to save.


Normally, your HVAC system works overtime even when you and your employees don’t. Heating or cooling your building on evenings and weekends? What a waste of energy. Pelican’s smart technology lets you individually set timers and schedules that are backed up by wireless technology. You can turn the heat off for the weekend and manually or automatically have it boot up Monday morning before everyone arrives—it’s up to you! Never before has a small business owner had so much control over their energy expenditures. When you find efficiencies like these, you can save up to as much as 35% on your HVAC bills for the next quarter.


If you’ve been doing your research on commercial HVAC solutions, then you already know the name of the best option for precise control over your property’s environment: the TS200 thermostat. This tiny marvel creates a mesh network of interconnected temperature sensors, giving you an unprecedented amount of control over each room in your commercial building—down to the degree.

When you switch your commercial building’s HVAC system to the TS200 model thermostat (or any of the Pelican Wireless thermostats we have on offer), your business will get the following incredible gains:


The Pelican Wireless TS200 thermostat comes complete with a smartphone app to give you the ultimate in comfort and economy right at your fingertips. Imagine tracking changes in your building’s temperature in real-time from halfway across the world. Now, that vision is a reality.


Pelican Wireless’s proprietary mesh network technology means that even though you can access your entire network of TS200 thermostats, your competitors can’t.

We’ve all heard horror stories about hackers using devices to stage attacks on companies. With a single access point controlling your thermostat’s access to the Internet, there are fewer vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.


Without a doubt, the best part about switching to the TS200 thermostat is the ability to program your building’s environment to better save the environment. With a touch of a button, your building cools down at night in the summer and heats up comfortably before your first employee arrives.


When it comes to Pelican’s smart wireless thermostats and economizers, there’s only one name in town— Inc. We’re authorized suppliers and technicians of the greatest name in HVAC technology innovation. So if you’re looking to revolutionize your commercial building or office and start seeing radical changes in your energy consumption, call Inc today. We’re happy to walk you through every step of the process as you work to bring your business into a smart new decade. Call us today!


If your Pelican Wireless thermostat is locked and you can’t adjust the temperature inside your Livermore business, why wait on hold for hours with Pelican Wireless’s official tech support line when you can just call a dedicated commercial HVAC company instead?

As Livermore’s undisputed expert provider and supplier of Pelican Wireless HVAC systems, we’re also the best choice in the area for troubleshooting. Your system is on the fritz and won’t stop cooling your restaurant? No problem. We have the skills to perform a Pelican Wireless thermostat override and can troubleshoot your entire commercial HVAC setup in as little as one day.

When you deal with the most advanced commercial HVAC technology on the market in Livermore, deal with the most advanced commercial HVAC contractor in Livermore too. We can resolve most problems in much less time than it would take you to secure a manufacturer’s repair. That’s because we’ve been helping Livermore residents with their commercial HVAC setups for years.

As the first commercial HVAC contractors in Livermore to widely adopt and provide Pelican Wireless thermostats and controllers for our clients, there’s no better number to call for Pelican Wireless support than us.


You owe it to yourself to save money on energy. Heating and cooling costs aren’t getting any cheaper any time soon, so be proactive about how much you are using by calling (925) 292-0148 today to get a free estimate on our installation services.